Fairy Doll Craft Kit

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Make your own fairy rag doll friend with a birth certificate!

Cut out the template, sew to create the body, add the wings, skirt and hair and you'll have made a gorgeous fairy doll!

Craft kits are becoming more and more popular to encourage children to 'make and play'.

This kit will keep little fairies busy for hours!



(Makes 1 fairy doll)

- Printed cotton template

- Sparkly silver wings

- Sparkly layered pink skirt

- Needle and pins

- Pink sewing thread

- Yellow thread for hair

- Full instructions

- Stuffing

- Wooden stuffing stick

Plus re-cycle the packaging by cutting and colouring in to make the following accessories for your doll:

- Fairy birth certificate

- Magic crown

- Bag

- Magic wand

- 3 heart lucky charms

- 3 star lucky charms

- Plus a ruler to help measure the thread.

 Suitable for age 8+

Packaging size: 27 x 20.5 x 7cm

Finished doll: H33cm

PLEASE NOTE - Box damaged

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