Emma Bridgewater Dogs In The Woods Chilly's Insulated Bottle


All that bounding among autumn leaves, chasing down rabbits and retrieving of sticks is thirsty work for you and your dog, so carry a Dogs In The Woods Chilly's Insulated Bottle around with you.

Height 26cm
Width 7cm
Capacity 500ml
Length 7cm
Care Instructions Do not put Chilly's Bottles in the dishwasher. We recommend cleaning all parts of your bottle after each use with hot soapy water, and use bicarbonate soda for a very thorough clean. Please do not leave the bottle to soak for a long period of time as this can cause paint damage and can lead to the vacuum becoming ineffective.
Made In China
Made From Stainless Steel
Type Insulated Food & Drink
Shape 500ml Insulated Bottle
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