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Add an air of luxury and elegance to your furniture, front door, kitchen, bathroom or just about anywhere! The Metallics range is a weatherproof, durable, easy to use paint with a fabulous metallic effect finish. Self-priming and self-sealing, it is suitable for a wide range of surfaces both inside and out! Water-based, with minimal VOC content plus UKCA and EN71-3 certification meaning it is safe to use on children’s toys. 


  • Water based
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Metallic paint formulated for multiple surfaces. Suitable for most types of furniture, laminate, radiators, metal, UPVC, ceramic wall tiles (we recommend avoiding very wet areas like shower/bath surrounds), plus wood, concrete and laminate floors with correct application – please note that maintenance may be required in these situations 
  • Minimal VOC content with low odour
  • UKCA and EN71-3 certified (safe for use on children’s toys) EN71-3:2019+A1:2021 
  • Self-priming – no primer or undercoat required
  • Finish – metallic
  • Self-sealing - does not require a top coat for durability
  • The metallic mineral pigment content of the Frenchic Metallics range makes it a bit different to our other paints. The finish will naturally look hand-painted due to its metallic gleam as well as the nature of the mineral content – in other words, some appearance of texture is to be expected. This means it is great for a huge range of effects. If, however, a super-smooth or uniform finish is desired, the product can be sprayed by adding a little water.

    A straightforward metallic look is often most pronounced when the product is applied over a base similar in colour to the paint.


  • A 500ml tin will provide a single coat of up to 8.5m2. For a durable finish, a minimum of 2 coats is required, so your 500ml tin should provide full coverage for just over 4m2 on non-porous surfaces. 
  • Porous, or ‘thirsty’ surfaces like bare wood or MDF, tend to absorb paint meaning additional coats are likely to be required to achieve a durable finish. In this case, your 750ml tin will provide less than 6m2 of full coverage. If you apply the paint too thinly, durability may be affected.


  • Ensure surface is in suitable condition for painting and free from grease, wax or penetrating substances. If previously painted, remove loose or flaking paint.
  • Surface preparation required in addition to the above – clean with Frenchic Sugar Soap, rinse and dry thoroughly. Hand-sand sufficiently to abrade the surface. Wipe off any dust, paint away! For a great demonstration, see our video.
  • Take care on opening the tin lid – a Frenchic tin opener is recommended
  • Stir thoroughly with a wide implement, such as a Paint Paddle, prior to each use

Application, drying and curing (hardening)

  • Avoid painting in direct sunlight, only when the air and surface temperatures are between 10oC and 32oC and humidity is less than 85%. Do not apply if, in the following 48 hours, there is likelihood of rain, frost, fog, condensation or if the temperature is likely to drop lower than 10oC
  • Exterior wooden surfaces in particular can retain moisture for up to 48 hours after rainfall or preparation. Ensure the items are thoroughly dry prior to painting.
  • Apply with a good quality brush or roller.  Also suitable for spraying - thin with up to 15% tap water and apply additional coat(s).
  • To allow self-levelling, avoid overworking the paint
  • Allow a minimum of 2 hours between coats (even if the paint feels touch dry).
  • Curing (hardening) time is up to 3 weeks in normal conditions. Treat gently until curing is complete.
  • For floors, to avoid damaging the finish, do not walk on the area for 4 hours after painting and then with socks for the next 7 days. Also, try to keep pet paw claws off as well during this period. Do not allow the surface to become wet for at least a week. Continue to treat with care for up to 3 weeks.

Clean up and storage

  • Reseal tin after use. Clean up any spills immediately with water. Wash brushes in warm, soapy water.
  • Do not store where the tin could be subjected to damp, frost, freezing or high temperatures.



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