Meri Meri Flower Embroidery Suitcase Kit


Kids who love crafts, and mini suitcases, will absolutely adore this suitcase kit. It comes with soft felt pieces and embroidery thread to create a fabulous happy flower scene on the front, with adorable pompom embellishments. You can also personalise the suitcase by stitching a name on the back, under where 'This belongs to...' is printed.

  • Suitcase crafted from card and art paper, stitched with white cord
  • Leatherette handle with brass clasp and rivets
  • Felt pieces in 6 colours
  • Embroidery thread in 4 colours
  • Pompoms in 2 colours
  • Pink plastic needle
  • Easy-to-follow instruction sheet and pre-made holes
  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • Made from sustainable FSC paper
  • Pack dimensions: 254 x 178 x 105mm
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